L’invité le Restaurant (Amsterdam, 2014)

Rating L'invité Le Restaurant reviewTuesday evening is a perfect no-cooking evening and to visit a restaurant, so I thought. My boss advised me to go to L’invité le Restaurant in the middle of Amsterdam, near the Anne Frank museum. Although it can be crowded in this area, the direct environment of the restaurant is idyllic and quiet.

L'invité Le Restaurant review

Restaurant location

The restaurant is located in one of the canal buildings and has an authentic feel with modern touches. The whole place is painted white and there is a nice entrance with small stairs to the dining room from which you can oversee the rest of the restaurant.

L'invité Le Restaurant review


It was a quiet evening. There were only a handful of tourists and other foreign people (perhaps business people). There was only one waiter who welcomed us in a friendly way and told us the concept of the restaurant. Although it was a quiet evening, he had some trouble with catching up on a good serving rhythm. On the other hand, he took the time for every table and that’s a plus.

L'invité Le Restaurant review

4-course dishes

We had a 4-course menu that started with a small white chocolate amuse with liquid pineapple juice inside. A good combination, but I am not sure if the pineapple juice was fresh, it tasted like it came out of a can. As a starter, we had a very lightly grilled tuna dish with crunchy ‘sponge cake’ made of capers. The second dish was the best we had that night: cod fish with pea cream and grilled paprika. We had a glass of white wine from Domain “de Wijngaardsberg” in Meerssen, located in the South of the Netherlands. The main dish was baked sea bass with asparagus, carrots and a lobster sauce. The sea bass was nice and crispy. The desert was a coconut creme brulee with ice and a chocolate cookie.

L'invité Le Restaurant review


It was not a bad catch for a regular ‘no-cooking’ Tuesday. The price was 49,- per person (including a bottle of water and a glass of white wine each). The great thing about this restaurant is that they almost entirely use organic ingredients. I rate L’invité le Restaurant with a 7.9 out of 10.

L'invité Le Restaurant review

nathan vennekens


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