Hotdog spot: The Fat Dog (Amsterdam, 2014)

Restaurant rating the fat dog

It’s Thursday evening, the sun is shining and it’s almost weekend. Great time to go to a terrace for some beers and snacks. I do not like fast food at all, but for the ones who follow my blog, know that I make exceptions for good burgers. You also know I try to avoid meat, but this time I couldn’t resist to go for it (again). I went with a good friend of mine, who I know since we had class together.

hotdog at the fat dog Amsterdam

Chill atmosphere

The new place is called “The Fat Dog“, and it is a modern hotdog restaurant in a cornerhouse, with a sunny terrace. When you see it, you immediately feel that this is a nice place to hang out. The atmosphere is relaxed and doesn’t make you want to eat fast and go away quickly. And this was also the advice of the waiter. Just order one hotdog first, and if you like another one, we are happy to serve you.

hotdog at the fat dog Amsterdam

Crispy and fresh

There is a menu of 10 different hotdogs, and they even have a veggie hotdog. The price is between 5 and 14 euro per hotdog. They look beautiful, like small decorated breads. The taste is good as well. The sausages are made just right. I am not sure if the sausages are organic, but they sure come from a good butcher. The one thing I didn’t like, is that they also serve a hotdog with foie gras (goose liver). In my opinion, they should skip this one. It doesn’t fit the concept very well. People nowadays want to be sure that the food is made with respect for the quality of life of animals.

hotdog at the fat dog Amsterdam

The Fat Dog rating

Altogether, we had 4 different hotdogs. “Naughty Bangkok” was my favorite. I was surprised that two hotdogs could satisfy your stomach, which is a pity because we were curious about the cheese cake (7 euro). But I will definitely come back and try it then. I rate The Fat Dog with an 8 out 10.

Neon logo the fat dog Amsterdam Roy Donders hotdog The fat dog Logo the fat dog Amsterdam Menu the fat dog Amsterdam Grill suacage the fat dog




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