“Look mum no hands” Coffee and “Flat Iron” Beef, London #1 (2014)

lucky face illustration

Finally it was that time of the year again, for our traditional London trip to one of our best friends who lives there. This time, we went for burgers, coffee, food markets and nice beers. When we arrived, the first thing we did was hitting our first coffee spot of our trip.

Rating Full Stop London

Brie salad counter full stop london

Full Stop coffee and lunch place.

This coffee spot is located at 202 Brick lane, a nice street with boutique shops and restaurants in the middle of Shoreditch. Full Stop has an relaxed atmosphere and looks very retro. It was 16:00 ‘o clock when we ordered a late lunch (salads) and nice coffee. Just what we needed. The brie salad I had was fine. The staff is friendly and they bring the coffee after ordering. We hung out here for a while looking to the hipsters and try to get awake after the long ride! Then we decided to walk through the neighbourhood for a bit before we went to another coffee place. I rate Full Stop with a 8 out of 10.

Rating Look Mum No Hands London

quote einstein Look mum no hands signing interior look mum no hands lemon cake

Look mum no hands, bike shop and coffee bar.

What a great name for a bike shop! But actually the biggest part of the space looks like a birthday party in a school canteen. The place is crowded with happy people sipping their coffee, being creative on laptops and enjoying their sweets. At the entrance, there also is a workplace where they fix bikes. The coffee is good here and we loved the banana bread and lemon cake. The service is awesome too. A great spot to hang out, worth an 8.5 out of 10.

Rating Flat Iron Beef

Restaurant Flat Iron

Then our friends called: they finished working for the day and we were ready for dinner. Via internet, we had spotted many burger bars which we wanted to try out during our long weekend in London. One of these places is in Soho and is very popular. Stupid that we did not make any reservations. But after 1,5 hour of waiting, while having a beer somewhere and a drink in the cold bar of Flat Iron (the restaurant), we finally had our seats. Unfortunately, they didn’t serve burgers that day, but we had some tender steak instead, which comes with simple salads and other vegetables. In my opinion not worth the long wait. The service was fine. I rate Flat Iron with a 6 out of 10.

bird street art london

Nathan Vennekens


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