Bukowski burgers, Dose coffee and Whitecross street market, London 2014 (#2)

Boxpark London

It’s Friday, which means going to the office, and so we did in London. But of course, we didn’t go there to work. Instead, our friends showed us where they work. It’s cool to see all the business people walking around in their fancy suits.

Notes coffee stall close to Bridges Newsagent notes-black-coffee Notes coffee latte

Sweets Whitecross street market Whitecross street market Duck confit burger Whitecross street market Duck confit burger Whitecross street market

Whitecross street market

We took some coffee to go at an outside stand of really good Notes coffee close to Bridges Newsagent and then walked to the Whitecross street market in Shoreditch. We were amazed by all the food cars and market stalls. It was lunch time and we just couldn’t choose what to pick. It all looked so delicious. Because I knew we would eat burgers for dinner, I decided to go for a nice salad. My wife had a Big Buddah Vegan Curry and two other friends had a Duck Confit Burger. It all tasted delicious.

Fix coffee whitecross street Fix coffee interior London

Fix coffee

We decided to wash away the food with some coffee at Fix (also in Whitecross street). This was a big disappointment, however. The place looks nice, but the service is crappy and the latte was way too hot and tasted awful. One of my friends, who also had a latte, shared my opinion. We didn’t finish it, and decided to hit another coffee bar on our way to the city centre. I rate Fix coffee with a 3 out of 10.

Dose coffee

Red Brick coffee blend Dose London Dose Coffee interior La Marzocco coffee machine

Coffee latte to go Dose London

Dose coffee

The other coffee bar: Dose, was a relief after the disappointment at Fix. Dose is a small coffee place with just a few seats. It’s more a place for coffee to go, with two guys who served good coffee. They also sell some sweet pies. The neighbourhood of the coffee place is remarkable. The ugly 80’s buildings have a depressing look and feel, but on the other hand, it’s awesome to walk here back in time. I rate Dose with an 8 out of 10.

Burger Bukowski

Bukowski burger Burger

Bukowski burgers

After a walk, we went to Boxpark market place, which is a kind of pop-up place built with black painted sea containers and packed with small restaurants, shops and pubs. There is also a branch of Bukowski burgers. We chose to sit outside on the heated terrace and ordered a nice beer and a burger called The Fat Gringo. After the first bites, I knew this was going to be the best burger I ever had. Between the bread, there is juicy, dripping meat and two pickles. While writing this, I am salivating again. I rate Bukowski with a 10 out of 10.

Rating Byron burgers

Byron cheese burger India pale ale ipa London

Byron burgers

This first burger made us hungry and we decided to hit another burger place. This was not a good decision. Byron (34 Bethnal Green Road) is a chain with okay burgers. The service is not very friendly. The burger I had tasted average and the atmosphere is cold. I had the cheese burger and finished it. A good thing about Byron is that they also serve some good beers. But that’s the only advantage I guess. I rate Byron with an 6 out of 10.


Brewdog underdog Shoreditch Brewdog quote Brewdog Shoreditch

Pub Brewdog

With a filled belly, we were happy to know where we were heading down the street. at one point, we saw the sign with an awesome quote: “Warning! All hipsters must be accompanied by a responsible adult.” Then we knew that we found Brewdog. It’s one of the pubs of the equally named beer brewery. The beers and beer cocktails are all very cool. Brewdog is also famous for their heavy beer called the Tactical Nuclear Penguin (with over 40% alcohol). In the basement of this pub, with a dj playing funky 60’s music, we celebrated our Friday night with delicious liquid gold. I can’t wait untill Brewdog starts a pub in Amsterdam (call-to-action to Brewdog!) I rate them with an 8.5 out of 10.

Music they played at Brewdog. art-object-london

Nathan Vennekens


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