Poppy and Sebastian pâtisserie and Maltby street market

Sometimes you walk into neighborhoods that – at first sight – look a bit depressing, but that changes immediately after you discover some treasures of London city. Of course I am excited about Borough market and Shoreditch, but these places can’t compete with Maltby street market and Dockley Road Industrial Estate. These places are not yet spoiled by tourism and mainstream commerce, or at least they don’t feel like that.

Kernel Beer Brewery Coleman Coffee Roasters Filter Coffee

How to get at Dockley Road Industrial Estate and Maltby street market?

Dockley Road Industrial Estate (maps) and the Maltby street market are located between South Bermondsey and London Bridge railway station. Just follow the rail track between these stations and at one point, you arrive at the food heaven of London with raw touches. Under the walls of the train tracks, there are many food and beer makers, and second-hand stores.

viktorinya-cheesecake-poppy-and-sebastian-patisseries Poppy and Sebastian patisseries Poppy and Sebastian patisseries Poppy and Sebastian patisseries Pastry

poppie and sebastian pâtisserie

Poppy & Sebastian pâtisserie

At Dockley Road Industrial Estate, we found Coleman coffee roasters with delicious coffee, The Kernel brewery (beer) and one of the most delicious pastries of Poppy & Sebastian. Here we had two of the most beautiful looking pastries that were no less than perfect! The taste is fresh, intense and pure. They use real vanilla and creative touches such as a fruity liquid which you can drip over the pastry. They are my favourite pâtisserie from now on. Did I already mention that they are brilliant? Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon

Cheese Truck Menu Maltby Street Market   Presure Drop Beer    Cage little bird Cocktails Maltby Street Market

fruit cocktail juice

Street market sign

food Pastry Cheese maltby street market Burgers maltby street market  Black pudding Scotch Egg Bad Brownie Bad Brownie


Maltby street market

A bit further, we arrived at Maltby street market. Here it’s all about tasting, eating, enjoying, chilling and drinking. We almost tried everything here. From beer to cocktails, fresh salmon sandwiches, fat delicious cheese toast, fresh juice and bacon brownies. All of the food tasted awesome and we were lucky that the sun was shining. We almost spent the whole afternoon at the food market.

Bar give me a woman who loves beer and i will conquer the world Bear The Kernel bottle 5 barrel pale ale

The Draft House Tower Bridge

Eating and drinking makes thirsty. So our local tour guide (friend) led us to another great spot: The Draft House Tower Bridge (TB). It’s a good-looking pub where you can have many different special beers. The service is outstanding and it even is not touristic at all and this while you almost can touch the Tower Bridge. We had a very relax time here and didn’t want to leave. But we had decided to go for dinner somewhere else.

plate with pasta

Restaurant Amico Bio, Oxford Street

For dinner, we went to the vegetarian restaurant Amico Bio. It’s an Italian restaurant serving only organic, vegetarian food. Most of the time I am very positive about these kinds of places, but this time it was a big disappointment. The atmosphere here is sad; same goes for the service. Everything was going very slow here and nobody smiles. The food itself is very dull. My friend told me that he had a different experience at another restaurant of the same brand. I rate this place with a 4 out of 10.

Salad at Restaurant Amico Bio, Oxford Street

Relaxing at Maltby Street Market chilling-and-eating-at-maltby-street-market

Nathan Vennekens


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