Review restaurant Pho 91 (Amsterdam, 2014)

Vietnamese noodle soup (Pho)

The Albert Cuypstraat is changing. It’s getting more and more trendy hotspots, such as burger bar The Butcher and a new modern Vietnamese restaurant: Pho 91. The place is small and minimalistic. On one wall, there are cool chalk illustrations from Wall Dizzy.

Interiour restaurant Pho 91

Service can be better

Pho 91 is a modern interpretation of the ‘old school’ Asian eateries. The service can be improved. They are friendly but still a bit inexperienced. I guess it will be better in the future. Besides, it’s an eatery and not a fancy restaurant.

Tofu Bun

The food and wine

The Spanish white wine is nice and matches well with the Vietnamese dishes, in my opinion better than the Italian white wine. We had Vietnamese springrolls, fish cookies, fish and pork salad and different noodle soups (Pho). I had one of the varations of the Bun dish. The taste is fresh and gives you a healthy feeling. We enjoyed it, but it’s also a bit simple. However, I think it is a better restaurant concept than, for example, Wagamamma.

Vietnamese iced coffee

Iced Coffee that keeps you awake

To finish the meal, I had Vietnamese iced coffee and home-made ice cream (salted caramel). They are both delicious. But I have to warn you! The coffee is very strong and kept me awake for a long time ;). I rate Pho 91 with a 7 out of 10.

Vietnamese starter Vegetarian Spring Rolls Vietnamese shrimp salad Fisch cakes


Wall Dizzy illustration Pho 91



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