Walk to Lombo do Mouro (Madeira #3 2013)

Levada do Norte, Madeira

Today we had a lovely day. At 11:30 we started our walk from Encumeada pass via Levada do Norte to Folhadal, and via Levada das Rabacas to Lombo do Mouro. When we started this walk, the sun was shining. There were great views on the rough looking mountains. This walk has two parts through two tunnels. We decided to do the longest part first. Within an hour, the whole valley was covered in mist. For the tiny, sometimes muddy, tunnels we needed our flashlights. It felt like a great adventure.

Waterfall Madeira

A tunnel between sun and rain

For the second part of the walk, we had to pass the largest tunnel. On the other side of this tunnel, there was an entire different world. Unlike on the other side, the sun was shining here and it was much greener. Quite bizar. When we returned, it was raining at the other side of the tunnel. Time for some hot drinks.

(This was hike No. 21 from ANWB Wandelgids, ISBN 978-90-18-03422-1, 2011)

rating sweet pie Madeira

Golden gate cafe

We drove to Funchal, where we had pastries and (not so good) coffee. We sat outside watching people pass by. It was not busy, due to low season I guess. During high season, I think it will be very busy here. It’s a good way to spend the afternoon at the Golden gate cafe. The service is friendly here and prices are not high at all. Worth an 8 out of 10.

restaurant review Armazendo Sal

Armazendo Sal

For dinner, we made a reservation at restaurant Armazendo Sal, a small place in the centre (not the touristic part around the market). Here we had a 3-course menu. When you order the menu, you can still make your own selection and that includes an aperative and coffee. The food is fresh and tasty. There also was a live singer. The service is fine but didn’t respond well to complaints. The grapes in the fruit dessert were not good anymore, but they did not do anything about it. I can recommend this restaurant, but because of this last note I rate this restaurant with a 7 out of 10.

Purple Flower Levada tunnel Madeira Nature Madeira Mountain view Madeira Waterfall  madeira Mountains Madeira Purple Flower


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