Review: restaurant cocktail bar Oolong (Amsterdam, 2014)

squid dish and review restaurant cocktailbar Oolong

We are always ready for Asian food. We mostly appreciate the Chinese cuisine. There are many traditional Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam, but we think there are only two traditional places (New King and Oriental City) that serve the best Asian food.

Modern restaurant interior

Modern restaurant interior

Now and then, we try another Asian-style restaurant. This time we went to the new restaurant and cocktailbar Oolong. This place has a very modern and good-looking interior. The restaurant has a cocktail bar and two modern dining areas, one with wooden benches, the other with comfy seats. The owner is very friendly. The staff gives you a warm welcome and explains the dishes well.

cheung fan

Dim Sum

Oolong is a Dim Sum restaurant with style. Here it is about presentation and experience. We ordered many dishes and they all tasted very good. My favorite dish was definitely the grilled squid satay (we ordered 3 portions). Think about them makes me hungry again! The other dishes such as the water chestnut pudding, the Portuguese style egg cakes, cha siew pao (steamed meat buns), kai lan (Chinese broccoli), curry squid, sticky rice in banana leaf, cheung fan (prawns in rice dough and soy sauce), were all really tasty. And of course, we tried some cocktails and they didn’t disappoint us either.

Water Chestnut Dessert

Rating restaurant Oolong

The price of the dishes are a little bit higher than in the ‘traditional’ dim sum restaurants, but if you want to eat in a modern, stylish restaurant, you don’t mind. I rate restaurant Oolong with an 8 out of 10.

Prawns  restaurant cocktailbar Oolong Amsterdam

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