Exploring Funchal (Madeira #5, 2013)

Fish market Funchal Madeira

This day, we did some exploring in Funchal. It was cloudy in the mountains, so no hiking for us today. First we went to the market, where they sell and let you taste all kinds of fruits, such as passion fruit. They also sell souvenirs and there is a huge fish hall. In my opinion, it is somewhat too touristic, but the taste of the fruits was very nice.

Rating tea room Loja do Cha

white chocolate cheesecake madeira Cheesecake tea room Loja do Cha

Review tea house: Loja Do Cha

We didn’t have a cappuccino experience in Madeira. The espresso is their favourite coffee. There are also some tea rooms in Madeira. We tried Loja Do Cha. They have a large selection of fresh tea, some salades and pastries. The tea was fine, so was the service. The pastries, such the Philadelphia cheesecake, were a little disappointing. The tea room itself is peaceful and you can sit on the terrace. Inside they have a nicely decorated hangout. I rate this place with a 6.5 out of 10.

Yellow dog lamp t-shirt shop: walking frame

T-shirt shop: Walking frame

In the late afternoon, we walked around Funchal and found t-shirt shop Walking frame. I really like the concept of this shop. The artist created cool t-shirt prints, with mostly dogs with a ‘lamp shade’. You choose a print and it will be printed on the t-shirt of your choice. Unfortunately, the shirts didn’t fit me well.

Rating bar barreirinha, Funchal, Medeira

Review bar: Barreirinha

Around the market in Funchal, there are many touristic restaurants and bars. A little bit outside this area, there is a more peaceful part of Funchal. We made a stop on the terrace of bar: Barreirinha, with views on the Atlantic ocean and the harbour. There also is a natural swimming pool. The visitors of this place are both tourists and locals. It is a lovely place to have a beer and snacks before dinner. They should have a bigger beer selection! We rate this place with an 8 out of 10.

Rating restaurant do Forte, Funchal, Medeira

Review restaurant: Do Forte

Then it was time for our next restaurant experience. We read about restaurant Do Forte on Tripadvisor and had booked a few days in advance. When we arrived, we were not on the reservation list, which also happened to another couple. After waiting for 10 minutes, they made space for us on the windy terrace, although we had reserved a table inside. We received a -much too sweet- aperative.


The fish soup and vegetable soup were way too simple for this kind of restaurant. They also served an amuse, a so-called ‘cheese brulee’, which was nothing more than flambeed cheese spread. After the soup, we received passion fruit ice cream on a rock, as a second amuse. It was strange to have ice cream before the main course, but the taste was okay. As a main course, we both had fish: espada (local fish) with banana and passion fruit, and sea brass. The espada was fresh, but was sweet as candy.

Passion fruit fish dish

The sea brass was nothing special, very plain. The service was arrogant and nobody asked us if the food was fine or if we wanted to have some drinks with our dishes. We only had water… Most people in the restaurant are nicely dressed. This would normally say something about the quality of a restaurant but in my opinion, this one is a tourist trap. For soup and one main dish (no wine, no dessert) we paid around 51 Euros in total. But paying 6 euro for two couverts is just unnecessary. What a pity. I rate this place with a 4 out of 10.

Cheese Brulee

Street art Funchal Madeira Street art Funchal Madeira Street art Funchal Madeira

Ice cream Cafe Gelataria Italiana da Lorenzo Funchal Madeira

Delicious ice cream at cafe Gelataria Italiana da Lorenzo Funchal Madeira


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