Review: Coffee bar Back to Black

Amsterdam is finally getting on the same level as London, with regard to coffee bars. At least that’s my observation. Almost every week or two, I mention new hotspots. The street corner coffee bars are also upcoming. On several markets and also at one of the entrances of Vondelpark, they serve the delicious black liquid. Another trend are the in-store coffee spots in, for example, music stores or company canteens. And it seems that the rich and famous can’t resist to join the madness around the coffee culture as well.

Coffee bar Back to Black interior

Beans from Sweet Cup

This means that coffee is hotter than ever before. Finding the best coffee places became our standard Sunday afternoon activity. We love to drink coffee, relax and talk away for hours. This time we found a brand new spot where they serve the freshly roasted coffee from Sweet Cup. Back to Black is a corner coffee spot in the narrow streets (Weteringstraat 48) between the Vijzelgracht and Museumplein.

Coffee Latte

Back to White

We had coffee in the early afternoon, while the summer sun was already heating up Amsterdam. This was no problem for Back to Black. The two owners set up their bar in a place with big opened windows and there also is a small terrace. When we ordered our coffee, one of the two owners let us smell the coffee first and explained the difference between the different coffee beans. I had a V60 filter coffee and my wife had a latte.

Owners Coffee bar Back to Black amsterdam Weteringstraat 48

Nice looking interior

The vibe and the (second-hand?) interior look good, same goes for the funky music that they played. They say on their website that you can actually buy all furniture, accessories and art but that not became clear during our visit.

The only thing missing was the other coffee addicts. We were the only visitors at the moment. Luckily, after a while, two other people came inside and ordered their Black shots. We had a good time and will come back soon. I rate Back to Black with an 8 out of 10.



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