An upgrade at Villa La Laguna and review restaurant Casa Marcos (Fuerteventura, 2014 #1)

Villa La Laguna - Fuerteventura

We had a good flight from Amsterdam to Fuerteventura. It was almost dark when we arrived at our destination. The owner, Elena, picked us up from the petrol station and drove us to a house with a gate.

review Villa la Laguna in La Oliva - Fuerteventura Pictures of Villa la Laguna in La Oliva - Fuerteventura

No comfortable stay at Villa La Laguna, la Oliva

We got an upgrade, she told us. In the dark, we recognized a pool and inside the house it looks cozy, but a bit outdated. We felt happy with it, although the finishing touch was not good (yet). The next morning, we understood that we only had an ‘upgrade’ because of construction work in the other building. Unfortunately, our initial happiness from the night before disappeared during our holiday. We didn’t feel comfortable in the house. The TV didn’t work well (in the evening it was too cold to sit outside), one of the toilets was clogged, the outside furniture was broken and old, and the fence looked damaged as well. Our bed was wrapped in plastic and was not nice to sleep on. They came fixing the TV a few times during our stay, but it still didn’t work. There is no Wifi too. We found the owners a bit strange as well. They were friendly, but we guess they were not prepared for holiday season yet. We rate Villa La Laguna with a 4 out of 10.

Review casa Marcos, Fuerteventura

Restaurant Casa Marcos, Villa Verde

We had dinner in the nearby village of Villa Verde, in restaurant Casa Marcos. It’s one of the best rated restaurants on the island (Tripadvisor). The service is friendly and they speak English and even a bit Dutch. This could only mean one thing: this island is build for tourism. We had 3 dishes from the menu and a sweet dessert. The price including two drinks and a tip was € 35,-. The food was fine, maybe a bit fatty, but that’s probably characteristic for the Spanish kitchen. We rate this place with a 7 out of 10.

Vegetables Casa Marcos, Fuerteventura Dessert Casa Marcos, Fuerteventura Patatoes and baby squid Casa Marcos, Fuerteventura Menu Casa Marcos, Fuerteventura


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