Garbage from the ocean in Fuerteventura (2014 #4)

Sald at North coast Fuerteventura

Salt on the North Coast of Fuerteventura

North coast Fuerteventura

North Coast of Fuerteventura

Garbage from the ocean Fuerteventura

Garbage from the ocean in Fuerteventura

Caleta Beatriz La Oliva

After a long walk at the West Coast around El Cotillo, we had mixed feelings. Fuerteventura has a stunning coast with blue water and white sandy beaches. It’s wonderful! But all of this is overshadowed by cars driving on the dunes, and garbage is everywhere. It’s an act of disrespect to nature and we felt bad about it. Luckily, in Fuerteventura they have the Clean the Ocean project. They organize beach clean-ups and make new products with the garbage materials.

Restaurant reveiw case Rustica - El Cotillo

Restaurant Casa Rustica

We weren’t in the mood for dinner, but we had to eat something. We decided to have a paella in restaurant casa Rustica. They have simple dishes and also serve Italian-style food. The food is simple and we decided that this place is worth a 5.5 out of 10. The service is friendly. The visitors of this restaurant were all tourists. Because of a soccer game with FC Barcelona, all locals were probably in front of a television somewhere.

receipt casa Rustica - El Cotillo


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