Restaurant review FG and NHow hotel, November 2014, Rotterdam

Review Restaurant FG

Photo: Delicious fish dish at fg restaurant rotterdam

Delicious fish dish at restaurant FG Rotterdam

It was one of the most expensive dinners we ever had, at Restaurant FG in Rotterdam. Sometimes, you have those special occasions that need some money spending celebration time. In this case it was the 30th birthday of my wife.

Photo: fermented shrimp dish fg restaurant rotterdam

Fermented shrimp dish at FG restaurant Rotterdam

FG is located in Delfshaven (Delfs Harbour). A very cool and industrial living and business area. The restaurant is very modern with a floor of lighted glass. On the walls there were modern pictures of models. Despite the chic looks, the atmosphere is relaxed. The staff is very friendly yet professional.

Photo: nitrogen dish restaurant fg rotterdam

Nitrogen dish restaurant FG Rotterdam

Nitro dish

The people who visit this place are a mix between business people and people who enjoy fancy food. We had the nine course meny without meat (but not completely vegetarian). The dishes can be described as: technical and a scientific combination of well-balanced ingredients and a flavour experience. One dish was called Nitro, in which you crush fresh herbs in a bowl, which herbs are sprinkled with liquid nitrogen, after which the crushed herbs are combined with apple ice cream.

Photo: millionaire biscuit

Millionaire biscuit at FG restaurant Rotterdam

Dining at FG is a great experience and worth spending the money if you are a foodie. I rate FG with a 9 out of 10. One tip for the restaurant: try to control the climate a bit better. Sometimes it got quite cold because of their airco.

Photo: Nine course menu fg restaurant rotterdam fish dish at fg restaurant rotterdam Photo: dish at restaurant FG Rotterdam scheermesjes fg restaurant rotterdam Photo: Pumpkin toffee dish fg restaurant rotterdam

Review NHow Hotel, Rotterdam

Review NHow Hotel

If you do not live in Rotterdam, I can recommend to stay at NHow hotel in Rotterdam. It’s definitely one of the coolest hotels I had been to. The architecture of the building (of the famous architect Rem Koolhaas) is awesome.

Photo: NHow hotel Rotterdam

NHow hotel Rotterdam

We had a nice view from our room on the Katendrecht area. The other side of the hotel had views on the Erasmus bridge and the city centre. The rooms are big and the bed really comfortable. We received some delicious chocolates (made in Rotterdam) and a bottle of water, all complimentary of course. Our room was decorated with rose petals and a towel creation of swans (maybe the staff thought we were newlyweds?). The breakfast is awesome with champagne, partly organic products and fresh fruit. All very tasty.

Photo: nhow hotel signing rotterdam

NHow hotel signing Rotterdam

One downside is the fact that the bathroom walls are made of glass. You can see each other from the room. Not very charming if you have to go to the toilet. But all in all, I rate NHow hotel Rotterdam with an 8.5 out of 10.

Photo: ceiling NHow hotel Rotterdam

Photo: Breakfast NHow hotel Rotterdam


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