Coffee spot Obscura and Latte art at streamer Coffee company (Tokyo, 2014 #2)

Meguro river Tokyo

Meguro river Tokyo

Our first full day in Tokyo started at 9:00 in the morning. After we ate some bananas, we walked around in two trendy areas: Shimokitazawa and Setagaya, which had many small, cool shops and restaurants. Unfortunately, many places were closed on Monday morning but we loved to walk around in these areas.
Trendy bakery café: Mixture

Mixture bakery

Obscura coffee roasters spot tokyo

Obscura coffee roasters

Mixture bakery (ミクスチャー) and Obscura Coffee Roasters

After a simple but okay breakfast at Mixture bakery (3-31-51, Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) we walked for a while and then we made a stop at a coffee place called “Obscura”. The barista served us great espresso and an americano, which came with a nice conversation, free postcards and a small lesson of Japanese! We rate Obscura Coffee roasters with an 8.5 out of 10.
Cafe Oluolu

Cafe Olu Olu

Vegan Cafe Olu Olu (オルオルカフ)

For lunch, we had a vegetarian meal in a small ‘Hawaiian-theme’ cafe Olu Olu (1-11-1 Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Sangenjaya). We chose the macrobiotic plate with all kinds of vegetarian dishes. It was good food for a good price. The palm tree, Hawaiian music and surf movies made sure we were in a ‘big wave’ mood (and that’s a good thing, dudes). We rate Olu Olu Café with a 7 out of 10.
Nozy Coffee building

Nozy Coffee spot

Nozy Coffee Tokyo

Nozy Coffee

Nozy Coffee (について)

On a walking distance from Olu Olu café, there is one of the best coffee spots of Tokyo. At Nozy Coffee, we had two single origin French press coffee, one from Guatemala and one from Indonesia. Both were delicious. This coffee spot is located in the basement and first level of a very small, modern building. You can sit outside on a small wooden bench or inside on one of the four chairs. We decided to enjoy the ‘black gold’ outside. We rate Nozy Coffee with a 8.5 out 10.
Surfshop and coffee bar: Saturdays

Surfshop and coffee bar: Saturdays

Surfshop and coffee bar: Saturdays Surf NYC, Daikanyama

In the hunt for a new t-shirt for myself, we walked further through the very modern Daikanyama-area, which looks like Paris, but then even prettier. We saw all sorts of high-end fashion boutiques and a huge, hyper-modern book store: T-site (17-5 Sarugakucho, Shibuya). At a surfshop and coffee bar called ‘Saturdays Surf NYC’, I bought a nice sweater.
Streamer coffee company

Streamer coffee company

Streamer coffee company Tokyo

Streamer coffee company

Streamer coffee company (ストリーマー コーヒーカンパニー)

To finish our day of exploring, we went to Streamer Coffee Company, for our last coffee break. It is a very popular coffee spot, close to the famous Shibuya crossing. They are specialized in latte art. In here, the coffee is about beauty and the taste of creamy milk and a smooth coffee taste. They didn’t appreciate me photographing while they creating the latte art. I guess they already had seen many crazy enthusiastic coffee lovers like me ;). I rate streamer with a 8.5 out of 10.
udon noodle bar bassanova tokyo

Udon noodle bar Bassanova tokyo inside

Udon noodle bar Bassanova tokyo inside

Bassanova (バサノバ)

For dinner, we went to a very local, modern-looking place called: Bassanova. It’s a noodle bar, which actually only serves noodle soup with meat (which we discovered only after a while). For us they made an exception, and we had a veggie-style noodle soup with egg. The ‘normal’ customers ordered and paid their noodle dish with a ticket machine at the entrance. We could not do this, as the text was all in Japanese. Unfortunately, the noodle soup itself was not very tasty. I rate this place with a 4 out of 10.
Statue Tokyo
Shimokitazawa electricity

Pictures taken in the Shimokitazawa area

High way in the centre of Tokyo by night

Roads by night in the centre of Tokyo

Cat poster in Tokyo

Dog Barbershop - Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Dog Barbershop – Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Designer bike Tokyo


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