Halloween and awesome Sushi (Tokyo 2014, #7)

 Because of the party at Womb last night, we woke up late.
Queuing at the entrance of Restaurant Midori Sohonten Umegaoka Honkan Tokyo

Sushi plates at Midori Sohonten Umegaoka Honkan Tokyo Sushi at Midori Sohonten Umegaoka Honkan Tokyo Salmon Sushi at Midori Sohonten Umegaoka Honkan Tokyo Fish salad at Midori Sohonten Umegaoka Honkan Tokyo Delicious Sushi at Midori Sohonten Umegaoka Honkan Tokyo

Sushi restaurant Midori Sohonten Umegaoka Honkan

For brunch we went to a brilliant sushi restaurant: Midori Sohonten Umegaoka Honkan. We had two sushi set menus, one sashimi salad and a few sushi rolls. The dishes were prepared in front of our noses at the bar (we had bar seats). This was the first time we had to queue for a restaurant (30 min.). It’s not a touristic area, so we were the only non-locals. It all tasted great! We think this is a special place and we rate it with a 9 out of 10. And the place is not expensive at all!
Coffee Cara way Tokyo

Coffee bar Caraway

That afternoon, we searched for coffee bar: Tocoro. Even after some locals helped us, we couldn’t find it, or perhaps it was closed. We walked a bit further and then we found a small coffee place called: Caraway. We could choose from different single origin beans. I am not a fan of dark roasted coffee, but I wanted to try it again. It was not bad, but still it’s not my favourite. I rate Caraway with an 8 out of 10.
Group picture Halloween Tokyo 2014
Halloween Girls Tokyo 2014 Halloween Tokyo 2014 Halloween with a Japanese friend Mona Lisa Halloween Tokyo 2014

Halloween costume competition

Later that evening, we met with Saki, a friend of our Japanese friends in the Netherlands. We went to a Halloween competition party in the Shinjuku area. This neighbourhood is insanely busy with party people and so-called ‘salary men’. It’s also known as the red light district of Tokyo. We met some great people and had fun. At 23:30, the party was over and we went back to our apartment for a good night sleep, before we would go to Hakuba on the next day.
Halloween decoration Tokyo

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