Inokashira park, Jazz, Coffee Amp and Drum & Bass at Womb (Tokyo #6, 2014)

Inokashira park Tokyo

Inokashira park Tokyo

The sun is shining and we were walking in Inokashira park in the morning. This park can be pretty crowded, and we can imagine why. There are many little school children who explore the park and play games. And then we found a very cute and creative looking wooden coffee place (no pictures allowed) in the middle of the park. Of course we took the chance and ordered two Americanos and drank it on a bench with a view on colourful trees and water. A good way to start the day!

Tokyo Fire Department Point Tokyo Dragon Dog Cafe Sign Happy animal stools Poster Homemade smile freshness burger

Tokyo Animal Okay Freshness burger

Tokyo Animal Okay Freshness burger sign

The area around the park is quite crowded and full with nice boutiques. We loved it!
Tokyo Asagaya Jazz Streets Festival Tokyo Artist Asagaya Jazz Streets Festival

Jazz in Asagaya

When we left the metro station Asagaya, we bumped into a jazz concert on a square in front of the station. It was really cool jazz! We watched for 30 minutes and then walked further for some coffee.
Tokyo fruit tree

Tokyo fruit tree in Asagaya

Coffee bar Fresco

We went to coffee bar: Fresco. It’s a small place in an alley with a no-nonsense look and feel. We both had latte and shared a pumpkin cheesecake. The coffee is good, although the place itself lacks some atmosphere. We rate this coffee bar with a 7.5 out 10.
Coffee Amp Tokyo

Coffee Amp and Bar Fresco Tokyo

Coffee Amp

From there we walked to the Ko-enji area for a coffee experience at Coffee Amp, a small place with a tiny terrace. They also sell coffee equipment and fresh coffee beans. They are very friendly and made good coffee. I also bought some coffee beans. My suitcase smells of coffee now. The place is situated in a local neighbourhood. We had a good time and rate Coffee Amp with an 8 out of 10.
Vegetarian restaurant Meu Nota Tokyo

Vegetarian restaurant Meu Nota

For dinner, we walked further into the lively area of Ko-enji. It’s packed with shops and places to eat and drink. It all looks great! We chose vegetarian restaurant Meu Nota, a tiny restaurant upstairs on a first floor. We ordered dishes like ‘three different potatoes’, a curry and a tortilla salad. The place is good, but not very busy, which is a pity. We rate this place with an 8 out of 10.
No Request Red Bull Music Academy 2014 Womb Tokyo

Red bull academy (No Request) party at Womb

It’s Friday, and we were in for some dancing on good Drum & Bass music. The party we went to was at Womb, a famous techno club in Tokyo. It looks very industrial inside. The first two hours, a set from Mark Pritchard, was quite horrible. A waste of time. Luckily, we stayed awake and we went wild on the great D&B set from Randall. It was an awesome night out in Tokyo!
Neighbourhood Tokyo Black and White

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