Minekata mountain bike trail ride with Albert Kikstra (Hakuba, Japan #4)

Albert is a Dutch guy who owns Bed & Breakfast Santana in Hakuba. He is a pro amateur mountain biker who travels the world to join mountain bike contests. He is a guy with a lot of passion for what he does and he is a great person to talk with.
Bike up to Minekata trail Japan - Albert Kikstra
Minekata trail Japan - Albert Kikstra
Today, he took us on a morning trip to the Minekata trail! This is a trail with a height of more than 300 meters with rocks, tree roots and narrow bends. With an elevation of in total 638 meter, a distance of 18.3 KM and a time of 1:43:25, we did the trail twice. Albert showed us the techniques and introduced us into his mountain bike world. It was extremely cool! It gave us an enormous kick to ride across this rough area. Thank you for this great experience Albert! It’s very addictive and a pity that we couldn’t stay longer to try the trail another time.
Santana Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Santana, Kamishiro, Hakuba.

We were almost the only visitors during this off-season week in the end of autumn. During winter, this Bed and Breakfast is packed with winter sport lovers! And we can imagine why. The atmosphere is very laid-back and the service is friendly. There is a very nice fire place and there are comfy couches. The room and bathroom are small and somewhat outdated. The bed is fine, as is breakfast and WiFi. The shower could be somewhat more powerful and there is not much space to store your luggage in our corner room (203). We had a very good time at this Bed & Breakfast (which also serves simple evening meals). The location is 4 KM from the center of Hakuba. It was a quiet spot (when we were there). We rate this B&B with an 8.5 out of 10. It was a pity we have to leave already. Our next destination is: Kyoto.
Minekata trail Japan - Albert Kikstra Choc the dog at Santana Bed and Breakfast

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