Best lunch at restaurant Takuma Gion Shirakawa (Kyoto 2014, #5)

The Japanese (public) transport has many beeping and cute sounds. For example, the traffic lights make bird sounds and the subway has tv drama music. It’s funny and the tunes get in your head. This is only in Japan!

Restaurant Takuma Gion Shirakawa

Restaurant Takuma Gion Shirakawa kyoto

Today was a lazy day for us. We woke up around lunch time and went to restaurant Takuma Gion Shirakawa where we had made a reservation. It’s a beautiful small restaurant with only 10 seats at the bar and a private dining room. The cooks are dressed in white, and are standing right in front of you while making the food. And that’s completely okay because their cooking skills are very impressive. We had a 9-course Japanese lunch and it was all very delicious and beautifully prepared. The ‘soy sauce cream’ and the small soups were amazing. We also had the tasty house sake. The atmosphere is quiet but good.
Restaurant Takuma Gion Shirakawa kyoto
The staff tried to explain the dishes in English and they made jokes. I don’t know if this place has a Michelin star, but it should have one. We rate it with a 9 out of 10!

Restaurant Biotei

Restaurant Biotei kyoto

We spend the afternoon with some shopping and coffee. For dinner, we went to an organic restaurant called: Biotei. It’s a tiny restaurant in the boutique shopping area of Kyoto, somewhere on the second floor. We had simple veggie food such as tofu salad and tofu nuggets. It’s healthy food, but we missed the real tastiness. The music they played that night was very annoying: it can best be described as ‘speedy-country-jazz’. We are into healthy food, but it should taste good as well. We rate Biotei with a 6 out of 10.

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