21_21 Design, MOT, Burgers and fake food (Tokyo 2014, #8)

After visiting Kyoto, we spend our last two days in Tokyo. We explored more parts of this huge city. This city has it all! Huge crowds at Shinjuku, idyllic neighbourhoods near Yoyogi park. Shop till you drop, and eat your belly round. It is worthwhile watching the people, the way they dress to impress, shock or do business, just by looking at the chaotic (yet structured) people flow.

 Japanese students Tokyo

Japanese students, Tokyo

Kappabashi-dori for your restaurant and kitchen goods.

Fake food Tokyo

Fake food, Tokyo

When we arrived at our hotel CoCo Grand (the first and only hotel of our Japan trip) we decided to hit a shopping area where you can buy all kinds of stuff for your restaurant or kitchen. At Kappabadhi-dori, it’s packed with boutiques who sell fake (display) food, knives, displays, chopsticks and much more. And it is a great place to shop for some souvenirs, such as sushi key hangers :).

21_21 Design museum

21_21 Design drone

21_21 Design drone

21_21 Design drone

21_21 Design drone

21_21 Design clock

21_21 Design clock

The 21_21 Design museum is a small but impressive modern building with progressive contemporary items. Many ‘digital’ art objects are involved, such as a clock made out of hundreds of clocks, and advertisement drones, or a project about a guy who created an online community and takes on assignments from followers to share stuff for money. It  takes about an hour to walk through the entire collection. For me personally, it was one of Tokyo’s highlights.
 Museum of contemporary art tokyo

Museum of Contemporary art (MOT) Tokyo

The next morning, we went to MOT for its permanent collection. Besides a digital count down board with many displays, and some artworks of Andy Warhol, it did not impress us at all.
t's tantan tokyo station

100% vegetarian lunch at Tokyo station at restaurant T’s tantan

After a long walk from MOT, we arrived at Tokyo station. It was lunch time and we saw many salary men in the streets to pick up their take-away lunch.
Salary men Tokyo

Salary men, Tokyo

Salary men Tokyo

Salary men, Tokyo

Salary men Tokyo

Salary men, Tokyo

We had lunch at T’s Tantan, one of the very few vegetarian noodle soup places in Tokyo and which is located inside Tokyo station. The taste of the noodles and curry are fine. On the walls, there are infographics about healthy vegetarian food, which is cool. We rate T’s TanTan with a 7 out of 10.
arm's burger bar

Arm’s burger bar

This small burger place that is located in a quiet neighbourhood looks great with an all-American look-and-feel. There were only two customers when we arrived. Our expectations were high, but the veggie burger and cheese chilli burger didn’t match our expectations. Let’s say the food was a bit boring (the veggie burger was a big mistake, because it was literally some vegetables on a bun), but the strawberry milkshake hits the right spot. We rate Arm’s burger with a 5 out of 10.
little nap coffee tokyo

Little Nap coffee

Near the burger place is a sweet small coffee place called: Little Nap. The place is filled with black and white skateboarding illustrations and quotes. I had a delicious espresso and it made me smile. They also serve home-made lemonade. We rate it with an 8 out of 10.

bar Zoetrope

Japanese Whisky bar: Zoetrope

To celebrate our last night in Tokyo, we went to a Japanese Whisky bar called: Zoetrope, which is a very small and dark bar on the 4th floor of a building in Shinjuku. When we stepped out of the elevator, we stood in front of a closed door. The bar owner asked us to wait in the small hallway. The place was packed. After waiting a few minutes, some people left and we could enjoy the whisky. We had two great glasses of whisky: a 12 year old Yamazaki and a 12 year old Miyagikyo, and both tasted good. Then we went back to our hotel for our last night in Tokyo.
Kiyosu-bashi Tokyo

Kiyosu-bashi, Tokyo

Small bridge close to Tokyo station

Small bridge close to Tokyo station

Mizkan Tokyo

Mizkan, Tokyo

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree

Quatre cakes


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