Garbage from the ocean in Fuerteventura (2014 #4)


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After a long walk at the West Coast around El Cotillo, we had mixed feelings. Fuerteventura has a stunning coast with blue water and white sandy beaches. It’s wonderful! But all of this is overshadowed by cars driving on the … Lees verder

El Cotillo and Calderon Hondo (Fuerteventura 2014 #2)


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After our simple breakfast in La Oliva at the local bakery, we drove to El Cortillo. We were impressed by the wide views of the volcanic desert with the high hills. The colors of the environment changed from red to … Lees verder

Carnewas beach and Newquay (South-England 2013 #5)


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This morning, we were waiting for a call from the lease company. The window of my car that had been smashed by a rock needed to be repaired as soon as possible. We didn’t receive a call and decided to … Lees verder

Difficult walk at Welcombe Mouth (South-England 2013 #4)


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Today, we decided to go for a difficult hike. Welcombe Mouth was described as a beautiful coastal spot that is difficult to reach. It’s located near the border between Devon and Cornwall. It took u a while to find it. … Lees verder

Green Island, 綠島 #2 (Taiwan, 2013)


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Green Island (Lu Dao, 綠島) is a very green and tropical island. I am sure this is because of the great amounts of rain. We woke up by the sounds of water splashing heavily on our windows, and the ‘tokking’ … Lees verder

Cycling in Taipei (Taiwan 2013 #3)


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We started every morning with breakfast. Our hotel, Via Hotel, provides some free toasts and candy bars, but does not serve breakfast. Around the corner, there are many places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. We tried two places for … Lees verder

Time flies & sun shines (Tuscany 2012 #6)


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We spent our last days in Italy with long walks on the beach of Castiglione Della Pescaia. And we had some awesome  restaurant experiences. Beach walks The beach between Castiglione Della Pescaia and Marina in Grosseto is a long one. The … Lees verder

Cheeky fox (Tuscany 2012 #4)


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We decided to do some sightseeing at the south coast of southern Tuscany. We only knew the name of the natural park: Parco della Maremma. We didn’t know where the entrance was. We drove to a nearby place, Alberese, and … Lees verder

Not so Sunday (Tuscany 2012 #2)


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Our Sunday started with a sunny and warm morning. After breakfast, we started exploring Castiglione Della Pescaia. We walked from a small hill (with nice views) to the harbour with the expensive yachts. We saw some surfers trying to catch … Lees verder