PRENZLAUER BERG (Berlin 2012 #3)


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Just search for the best coffee bars, burger restaurants and cocktail bars in town and you will discover the best neighbourhoods. At least, this worked out pretty well for us while we were in Berlin. On a particular want-to-stay-at-long-as-possible-in-our-bed-Sunday, we … Lees verder

Coffee Heroes (Berlin 2012 #2)


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With small sleepy eyes, we joined the mass of the Hampton hotel guests at the breakfast buffet. The breakfast is complete, but nothing special. The hotel location is located literally next to the metro rail. But with the windows closed, … Lees verder

Berlin macht wild (Berlin 2012 #1)


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Seven years ago, I went to Berlin with my girlfriend (now my wife). Because of her birthday, I booked a hotel and arranged a long weekend in this great city. Curious about how things have changed, we took our car … Lees verder