Waarom zou je bloggen over je vak? (infographic)


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Waarom bloggen? Jouw kennis is de kracht van je werk, je bedrijf of het merk waarvoor je werkzaam bent. Bewijs Jouw kennis kan worden omgezet naar inspirerende, relevante en prikkelende content voor klanten, prospects en sollicitanten. Denk daarbij aan Blogs, … Lees verder

Walk around Meldon Reservoir (South-England 2013 #2)


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The next morning, we started our day with a full English breakfast. We didn’t sleep well, because our room (number 4, on the top floor) was very warm due to the hot summer sun. But it didn’t affect our moods, … Lees verder

Green Island, 綠島 #2 (Taiwan, 2013)


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Green Island (Lu Dao, 綠島) is a very green and tropical island. I am sure this is because of the great amounts of rain. We woke up by the sounds of water splashing heavily on our windows, and the ‘tokking’ … Lees verder

Green Island, 綠島, #1 (Taiwan, 2013)


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We were warned about the boot trip to Green Island, by the Lonely Planet book. It takes 50-60 minutes from Taitung Harbour to Green Island. The tickets were bought by our B&B: 70 Corner. After we collected them at the harbour … Lees verder

Taitung (Taiwan 2013 #4)


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We went to Taitung as a stopover to Green Island. We arrived in the evening. We took a taxi from the train station to Yes Hotel. We were tired and hungry. There are many small restaurants in Taitung, but it … Lees verder

Just around the corner cheese


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There is this local shop where I love to go. In the weekends, we mostly visit local markets where we buy tasty organic food. And we love local beers and peated whisky. But there is a specific shop, just around … Lees verder

Suits and foodies


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I am a huge movie fan. I am not a guy who knows all names of the actors and know in which movies they played. But what I do remember is that my best friend and I used to have … Lees verder

Nice and yummy in my tummy


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The title of this blog is a quote my wife spontaneously shouted out, after we had left the club Sugar Factory. We were walking through Amsterdam for an hour and talked about food. The early Friday evening party “Full Spectrum” … Lees verder