Shanghai Slaughterhouse and Art (China 2013 #8)


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I prefer to not eat meat. Once in a while I do eat meat, but only biological, and I sometimes make an exception for a good Dutch ‘bitterbal’ with an ice-cold beer. But mostly, I don’t like the taste of … Lees verder

Bund and burning (China 2013 #7)


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Near the Bund boulevard, there is an old metal bridge, called Waibaidu, with wooden floors. We saw many wedding couples having a photoshoot over there. It is indeed a nice spot for a wedding shoot. Restaurant review: Di Shui Dong … Lees verder

Restaurant: Vegetarian lifestyle / Jujubetree (Shanghai, 2013)


Restaurant:  Vegetarian lifestyle (Jujubetree) On our second day in Shanghai, my wife, my parents and I went to a vegetarian restaurant called “Vegetarian Lifestyle“, which we found on Tripadvisor. The place has big windows and is not very cozy; it … Lees verder

Second Hand Rose (China 2013 #5)


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We drove into the center of Shanghai by taxi. Many colored lights and laser beams are flashing everywhere around us. Enormous digital billboards showcase the latest fashion of expensive Western brands. It is clear that we exchanged the countryside for … Lees verder

Mountain temple (China 2013 #4)


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Every day, my parents-in-law wake up around 6:00 AM. They are not the only ones, since the street noise become louder and louder then. People shamelessly ‘clearing’ their throat, the never-ending honking and the screaming babies, introduce another brand new … Lees verder

Nature trip (China 2013 #3)


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It is 7:30 in the morning. We leave early today to visit a natural park with many waterfalls. We are leaving early because it is a 1,5 hour drive. More importantly, it is 1 May, which is a national Chinese … Lees verder