Best lunch at restaurant Takuma Gion Shirakawa (Kyoto 2014, #5)


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The Japanese (public) transport has many beeping and cute sounds. For example, the traffic lights make bird sounds and the subway has tv drama music. It’s funny and the tunes get in your head. This is only in Japan! Restaurant … Lees verder

Best coffee at % Arabica, Michelin star lunch and Manga (Kyoto, Japan, 2014 #2)


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It’s weird: in every new location that we visited in Japan, the second day started with rain. This was, however, not a problem for us. While we hung out in a Starbucks (for Internet!) we made a reservation at a … Lees verder

Tsukiji fish market (築地市場) and a great city view (Tokyo, 2014 #3)


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We were definitely in a jetlag. We had seen every hour of the clock and we had to wake up at 6:30 for sushi breakfast at the Tsukiji fish market. With small eyes and a trip with four different subways, … Lees verder

Fish restaurants in Zeeland, The Netherlands 2014


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The sun is shining! After some snoozing, we get up and prepare for our weekend trip. We decided to do everything in a relaxed way, and so we left at 10:30 in the morning. Destination: Zeeland, in the South-West of … Lees verder

Poppy and Sebastian pâtisserie and Maltby street market


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Sometimes you walk into neighborhoods that – at first sight – look a bit depressing, but that changes immediately after you discover some treasures of London city. Of course I am excited about Borough market and Shoreditch, but these places … Lees verder

Hotdog spot: The Fat Dog (Amsterdam, 2014)


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It’s Thursday evening, the sun is shining and it’s almost weekend. Great time to go to a terrace for some beers and snacks. I do not like fast food at all, but for the ones who follow my blog, know … Lees verder

L’invité le Restaurant (Amsterdam, 2014)


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Tuesday evening is a perfect no-cooking evening and to visit a restaurant, so I thought. My boss advised me to go to L’invité le Restaurant in the middle of Amsterdam, near the Anne Frank museum. Although it can be crowded in this … Lees verder

Domein Aldenborgh at Eys (Limburg, The Netherlands 2014)


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This year, we didn’t celebrate the first King’s day in Amsterdam. So no orange t-shirts, techno beats or flea markets for us. Instead, we went to the South of the Netherlands for a Burgundian experience. Wine grower from Eys After … Lees verder

Restaurant La Mangerie (Venlo, 2014)


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My mother treated us for dinner in this restaurant for her birthday. La Mangerie is a restaurant in the South of the Netherlands, in Venlo. The spot is a bit hidden in the city center. Homely feel When we entered … Lees verder

Restaurant Bord’Eau ** (Amsterdam, 2014)


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What you are about to read below, is a short story about the best restaurant I have ever been to so far. Our friend Lisja, who runs restaurant Beulings in Amsterdam, recommended us to visit restaurant Bord’eau for lunch, which … Lees verder