Nice and yummy in my tummy


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The title of this blog is a quote my wife spontaneously shouted out, after we had left the club Sugar Factory. We were walking through Amsterdam for an hour and talked about food. The early Friday evening party “Full Spectrum” … Lees verder

Vampires on the dancefloor (Beijing day #7)


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Beijing is way more modern than five years ago! Almost every bar, restaurant or shop has got wifi. Although it’s annoying that I can’t use all the realtime apps and websites as in Europe. Facebook, WordPress and Twitter are blocked … Lees verder

Stage diving zwarte pieten

Last Friday, I Chu, Dominique and I went to the (sold out) Spektrum XL party with Pendulum, Aphrodite, MC Verse, Sektor & Subsequent, VJ Class/A. It was an explosion of bouncing people! The finest crowd you can get! Even some ‘zwarte Pieten’ (English: Black Pete) couldn’t resist to drop by at Patronaat!