The Amsterdam coffee festival 2014


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As a child, I did not like coffee at all. I remembered the times I went on holiday with my parents, mostly to France. The car trips were long and boring, and there were only a few music cassettes we … Lees verder

Fritz kola

Allright, it’s Fridaynight and I have too much energy left after the working week. My wife, her sister and one of my best friends (Peter bro) were getting crazy of me, Peter came over from the South (Limburg) to have some fun with us at the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Sweet friend Maudy
I was jumping throughout my house on nice techno from Michel de Hey! Apparently, my energy was contagious because after some minutes, everyone else in the house was screaming and dancing with me (lol). We had a lot of fun! In the meantime, a sweet friend (Maudy) of mine was Whatsapping me about a nice party that night on a boat called Pure-liner (Party: CR2 RECORDS LABEL SHOWCASE). I really was into that idea, but unfortunately Peter was too tired and my wife didn’t feel very well, so I decided to save my energy for Saturday’s party. On the morning after, I heared that Paris Hilton was on that party too, so I was actually happy that I didn’t go, although Maudy had a stunning time!


We just came back too early (03:00). The drum & bass party we went to was on a really nice underground location: Ot301 (an old school), which reminded me to a club listening to the name: “De Azijnfabriek” in Roermond and the Reactor techno parties I attended. The drinks where unlikely cheap so we bought some Fritz kola and a few bottles of water.

Live on drums
The “Ichione” party started with an awesome performance from Macc (Live Drums). It wasn’t the high danceable fast beat drum&bass that we came for, but for someone who can play the beats live on Drums, I only can have a lot of admiration. After this set, DJ Trax & Nucleus started up theire rhythms. After a few tracks, I had my opinion ready! They where horrible. The artists didn’t work together and mixed all kinds of drum&bass and hiphop styles together. They didn’t build up to a climax. All of us (I Chu, Peter, Dominique and I) agreed that it was terrible. The host: Quest One MC UK (IChiOne, GB), the visuals: Christopher V. Gabriel (A – Studio, NO), and the crowd where high quality however! Loved them.

‘Crate-of-beer’ electro
Before this anti-climax, we went to the Sugar Factory for some ‘crate-of-beer electro’ (dubstep, electro, HipHop) of Eskmo. The guy gave an awesome and freaky performance on crazy and dreamy visuals. He hit on crates of beer, bowls, clothes hanger and he tore some paper in the microphone. He looped these sounds into his set. It wasn’t really danceable, but the quality was really good! A few minutes before the end, the speakers were actually ‘blown up’ and we left to the next experience…it was an interesting night at the Amsterdam Dance Event.


Half oktober start het Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) weer. Dance is voor mij een uitlaatklep. Mezelf verliezen in snoeiharde beats en stuiteren totdat mijn voeten pijn doen. Natuurlijk is er veel veranderd in de afgelopen jaren. Eerst was het housemuziek en toen werd het dance.
Techno is de stijl die ik het liefst hoor! Ik heb het dan niet over minimal techno, maar over beukende techno, maar wel gemixt met veel melodie en andere muziekstijlen zoals HipHop en Jazz. Minimal techno vind ik ook niet slecht, maar dat hoor ik liever als ik thuis ben.
Vaak luister ik thuis naar Ibiza Global Radio voor minimal of zoek ik sets op Soundcloud of Livesets. De laatste tijd luister ik ook veel WeFunkRadio met oldschool hiphop en vette jazz (zoals de band: GingerLime). Af en toe wordt daar flink wat electro doorheen gemixt. De overburen kunnen dan meegenieten van twee (en soms drie) nerds die heftig door het huis wiebelen.

Helaas heb ik geen kloppend harde techno feesten kunnen vinden op het ADE. Maar wel ben ik erg blij met mijn tickets voor Arts The Beatdoctor & Ichione festival. HipHop & Drum&Bass all night long!


Arts The Beatdoctor