Garbage from the ocean in Fuerteventura (2014 #4)


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After a long walk at the West Coast around El Cotillo, we had mixed feelings. Fuerteventura has a stunning coast with blue water and white sandy beaches. It’s wonderful! But all of this is overshadowed by cars driving on the … Lees verder

Walk to Pena Horadada (Fuerteventura 2014 #3)


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We found a great bakery in El Cotillo that is open everyday from 08:00-21:00. At El Goloso del Cotillo they serve good coffee and all kinds of nice bread and sandwiches. They also have many different (sweet) pies and pastries. … Lees verder

El Cotillo and Calderon Hondo (Fuerteventura 2014 #2)


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After our simple breakfast in La Oliva at the local bakery, we drove to El Cortillo. We were impressed by the wide views of the volcanic desert with the high hills. The colors of the environment changed from red to … Lees verder

An upgrade at Villa La Laguna and review restaurant Casa Marcos (Fuerteventura, 2014 #1)


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We had a good flight from Amsterdam to Fuerteventura. It was almost dark when we arrived at our destination. The owner, Elena, picked us up from the petrol station and drove us to a house with a gate. No comfortable … Lees verder