Inokashira park, Jazz, Coffee Amp and Drum & Bass at Womb (Tokyo #6, 2014)


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The sun is shining and we were walking in Inokashira park in the morning. This park can be pretty crowded, and we can imagine why. There are many little school children who explore the park and play games. And then … Lees verder

Bukowski burgers, Dose coffee and Whitecross street market, London 2014 (#2)


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It’s Friday, which means going to the office, and so we did in London. But of course, we didn’t go there to work. Instead, our friends showed us where they work. It’s cool to see all the business people walking … Lees verder

Second Hand Rose (China 2013 #5)


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We drove into the center of Shanghai by taxi. Many colored lights and laser beams are flashing everywhere around us. Enormous digital billboards showcase the latest fashion of expensive Western brands. It is clear that we exchanged the countryside for … Lees verder

When having a project in Maastricht


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In January, I started with a project at Vodafone Maastricht, as a consultant in Project Management (Sogeti). Although I live in Amsterdam, I did not hesitate and decided to go for this great opportunity. I experienced Vodafone as a progressive … Lees verder

No toilet paper (Beijing last days)


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After a week of fun, eating and partying with friends in Beijing, we had a few moments left to enjoy our holiday. In order not to be totally exhausted when we were going back to Holland, we did do some … Lees verder

Vampires on the dancefloor (Beijing day #7)


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Beijing is way more modern than five years ago! Almost every bar, restaurant or shop has got wifi. Although it’s annoying that I can’t use all the realtime apps and websites as in Europe. Facebook, WordPress and Twitter are blocked … Lees verder

15 Euro drinks in Beijing (Day #4)


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Yawn! I am looking at the fancy clock which switches from time, to temperature and date. Wow this is our fourth day in Beijing already! The temperature is still 23 degrees (indoors) like last days but the time says: almost … Lees verder