Walk to Pico Ruivo do Paul (Madeira #6, 2013)


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We drove into the mountains in the Southwest, for some more island exploring. We were lucky that there was a clear sky today. The environment around Rabacal and Pico Ruivo do Paul varies from bald mountains to green woods. It’s a popular walking area. … Lees verder

Walk at Peninsula and Ribeira de Sao Roque (Madeira #4, 2013)


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Madeira is an island with many faces. When we wake up, the day mostly starts cloudy and sometimes it even rains a bit (in the South). When driving to the North, North-East or South-East part, it can become 30 degrees … Lees verder

Walk to Lombo do Mouro (Madeira #3 2013)


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Today we had a lovely day. At 11:30 we started our walk from Encumeada pass via Levada do Norte to Folhadal, and via Levada das Rabacas to Lombo do Mouro. When we started this walk, the sun was shining. There … Lees verder

Cabo and Levada Nova, Madeira #2 (2013)


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We slept with our windows open. The sounds of the nearby sea are quite loud, but relaxing. At 8:30 hours, we had breakfast in our hotel. It’s an average breakfast, with fresh fruits and sufficient choice. The cakes they offer … Lees verder

Hotel Estalagem and Restaurant Med (Madeira, 2013)


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We had to wake up at 03:30 to catch our flight to Madeira. When we arrived after a shaky landing, due to hard wind, we were pretty beat up. We checked in at our hotel: Hotel da Villa at Ponta … Lees verder