Green Island, 綠島 #2 (Taiwan, 2013)


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Green Island (Lu Dao, 綠島) is a very green and tropical island. I am sure this is because of the great amounts of rain. We woke up by the sounds of water splashing heavily on our windows, and the ‘tokking’ … Lees verder

Green Island, 綠島, #1 (Taiwan, 2013)


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We were warned about the boot trip to Green Island, by the Lonely Planet book. It takes 50-60 minutes from Taitung Harbour to Green Island. The tickets were bought by our B&B: 70 Corner. After we collected them at the harbour … Lees verder

Taitung (Taiwan 2013 #4)


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We went to Taitung as a stopover to Green Island. We arrived in the evening. We took a taxi from the train station to Yes Hotel. We were tired and hungry. There are many small restaurants in Taitung, but it … Lees verder

Hualien 花蓮縣 (Taiwan 2013)


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This time, my story starts at 花蓮縣 Hualien train station. It’s raining heavily. During the train ride, we passed many beautiful mountains, the ocean and rice paddies. We were picked up by Kevin and his girlfriend, in his blue Volkswagen TW3 … Lees verder

MOCA and club Luxy Taipei (Taiwan 2013 #4)


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We hadn’t seen any Taiwanese art yet, so we went to the contemporary art museum (MOCA Taipei). Around the museum there are some crazy statues (some are ugly). After walking around for an hour we were not really impressed by … Lees verder

Cycling in Taipei (Taiwan 2013 #3)


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We started every morning with breakfast. Our hotel, Via Hotel, provides some free toasts and candy bars, but does not serve breakfast. Around the corner, there are many places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. We tried two places for … Lees verder

Taipei 101 and Nightmarkets (Taiwan 2013 #2)


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Coffee is ‘hot business’ in Taiwan. Starbucks and other coffee chains are everywhere to be found. Of course they don’t serve the ‘real deal’, but it’s always nice to sit there and relax for a bit. We decided to follow … Lees verder