Exploring Funchal (Madeira #5, 2013)


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This day, we did some exploring in Funchal. It was cloudy in the mountains, so no hiking for us today. First we went to the market, where they sell and let you taste all kinds of fruits, such as passion … Lees verder

Meet the family (China 2013 #2)


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We visited my wife’s aunt and uncle, who live in a mountain village pronounced as “Nio wu”. We were treated with an outstanding lunch with many fish and vegetarian dishes. We drank red wine and a home-brewed strong liquor (about … Lees verder

The finest tea leafs (Beijing day #5)


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This morning we started with breakfast at a restaurant from the Cantonese restaurant chain Jackpot. Actually, we didn’t like it all! The food was not fresh. Because I am writing this blog the day after, I can say that the … Lees verder