Poppy and Sebastian pâtisserie and Maltby street market


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Sometimes you walk into neighborhoods that – at first sight – look a bit depressing, but that changes immediately after you discover some treasures of London city. Of course I am excited about Borough market and Shoreditch, but these places … Lees verder

Domein Aldenborgh at Eys (Limburg, The Netherlands 2014)


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This year, we didn’t celebrate the first King’s day in Amsterdam. So no orange t-shirts, techno beats or flea markets for us. Instead, we went to the South of the Netherlands for a Burgundian experience. Wine grower from Eys After … Lees verder

Smelly hot spring (Tuscany 2012 #5)


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In the village of Saturnia, there is a free, natural hot spring. Although we were not sure we wanted to visit this place, we decided to check it out. We expected the worst: lots of people and ruined nature. After … Lees verder

(Good bye) Valencia #5: Hello San Sebastian and Poitiers


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Ater our breakfast it’s time to slowly return to Amsterdam again. After 5,5 hours of driving, we arrived at our hotel in San Sebastian / Donostia (Basque). San Sebastian looks somewhat like Rio de Janeiro with the blue Bay of … Lees verder

When having a project in Maastricht


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In January, I started with a project at Vodafone Maastricht, as a consultant in Project Management (Sogeti). Although I live in Amsterdam, I did not hesitate and decided to go for this great opportunity. I experienced Vodafone as a progressive … Lees verder

PYRENEES #3: Blocked by snow at Col Des Especieres


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Enthused by the descriptions of our “Rother Walking Guide (Pyrenees 2)” we chose for a walk around the lakes of Col des Espécières (2.334 m). We could not reach the starting point (parking) as the road to it was blocked … Lees verder

(PRE-)PYRENEES #1: French Beer & Whisky


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It’s Friday, and the first day of our holiday! I Chu, Peter and I are going to the Pyrenees for a week. Then we travel to Valencia where Peter will join for one day. I Chu and I will enjoy … Lees verder

Restaurant: Beulings (Amsterdam, 2012)


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Getting older is not really my happiest thought! But time is running fast, and stopping the clock will not change that. So I am moving forward and decided to simply get over my birthday. Some of my best friends and … Lees verder

No toilet paper (Beijing last days)


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After a week of fun, eating and partying with friends in Beijing, we had a few moments left to enjoy our holiday. In order not to be totally exhausted when we were going back to Holland, we did do some … Lees verder

Vampires on the dancefloor (Beijing day #7)


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Beijing is way more modern than five years ago! Almost every bar, restaurant or shop has got wifi. Although it’s annoying that I can’t use all the realtime apps and websites as in Europe. Facebook, WordPress and Twitter are blocked … Lees verder