Review: restaurant cocktail bar Oolong (Amsterdam, 2014)


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We are always ready for Asian food. We mostly appreciate the Chinese cuisine. There are many traditional Chinese restaurants in Amsterdam, but we think there are only two traditional places (New King and Oriental City) that serve the best Asian … Lees verder

What happend in Düsseldorf (Germany)


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It’s Sunday. My wife is going to Düsseldorf for a three days company training. A good reason to take the chance to go with her for a day and a night. We stayed at hotel Windsor. It’s a very traditionally … Lees verder

Berlin macht wild (Berlin 2012 #1)


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Seven years ago, I went to Berlin with my girlfriend (now my wife). Because of her birthday, I booked a hotel and arranged a long weekend in this great city. Curious about how things have changed, we took our car … Lees verder