Running with disco dogs

Sport picture Nathan

I love running! I think it’s because of my mom! In my early days, she was a member of a running-club. Every Saturday, they went running in the woods! Once she took me with her. I was around 8 years old. It was an awesome experience to run up and down the hills and balancing on a tree that had fallen down on a small forest stream during a storm.

Since then, I have run my whole life. I am not really a sprinter, but more an endurance runner. I have the luxury that we live nearby the Sloterplas (a lake) in the biggest park of Amsterdam. If you run around the lake, it’s about 6,5 KM.

Disco dogs

Today, I started running around 17:30 hours. It was dark already, and the air was winter fresh. When I am running, I mostly listen to one of the broadcasts of ‘A State Of Trance’ from Armin van Buuren on my iphone. Some parts of the track were so dark, that I couldn’t even see the road. After having run for ten minutes, I thought I saw a light flashing. Just a small one. But then it was over. So maybe I imagined it. But then I saw it again! A continuing flashing white light, very low near the ground. I came closer and closer, and then I saw it. The light was coming from a little dog that wore a small white flashing light. Next to the dog, I saw a man walking, but I only could see his contours. A little further, I saw more flashing lights: in blue, red and green, all from happy dogs running in the park. When I almost finished my run, I saw a group of girls coming from the other direction. One of them had flashing lights on her shoes, running towards the disco dogs.