Best coffee at % Arabica, Michelin star lunch and Manga (Kyoto, Japan, 2014 #2)


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It’s weird: in every new location that we visited in Japan, the second day started with rain. This was, however, not a problem for us. While we hung out in a Starbucks (for Internet!) we made a reservation at a … Lees verder

Restaurant: samhoud places ** (Amsterdam, 2013)


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Unexpectedly, my wife sent me an e-mail about an opportunity for a relatively ‘cheap’ five-course dinner at &samhoud places, a two Michelin-star restaurant near Amsterdam Central Station. My wife’s friend reserved a table weeks in advance, but couldn’t make it … Lees verder

Restaurant: Le Restaurant (Amsterdam, 2013)


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More than a month ago, we made a reservation at restaurant Le Restaurant, which has one Michelin-star (so we heard). It’s a small place (24 seats) near the Sarphati park and Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam. The entrance looks like … Lees verder

Restaurant: Beulings (Amsterdam, 2012)


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Getting older is not really my happiest thought! But time is running fast, and stopping the clock will not change that. So I am moving forward and decided to simply get over my birthday. Some of my best friends and … Lees verder

Restaurant Yamazato


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Marriage comes with a lot of benefits. I will write a blog about my wedding but for now, I just share my experience of one of the biggest surprises from our friends! They gave us an amazing dinner voucher for … Lees verder